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4520A Automatic Flame/Graphite Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

All the functions of 4520A are operated by PC that can flexibly match with flame/graphite furnace. It has special optical mechanical design, safe and convenient flame system, advanced temperature controlling technique for graphite furnace, optional background correction technique and other functions supplied by workstation for the automatic and precise detection for users. 

It is widely use for the analysis of metal elements in opaque materials for material science, life science, space technology and so on, while it can be used for the detection of trace metal elements in food, medical and nature environments.



 Main configuration

 Hollow-cathode lamp  Six lamp position
Slit  Six slit
 Distinguishability (Double manganese)  20
 Flame functions  Yes
 Graphite furnace functions  Yes
 Auto-injector  85 auto-injectors

The main engine

Wavelength range

Six-lamps holder  Don’t switch lamps during the multi-elements analysis.
 Absorbance range  0–2.5ABS
 Spectral bandwidthsix gears  0.1nm0.2nm0.4nm0.7nm1.0nm2.0nm
 Wavelength precision  The whole waveband is ±0.2nm
 Wavelength deviation  ±0.1nm
 Distinguishability  The double manganese can be divided into 279.5 and 279.8 when the spectral bandwidth is 0.2nm, while the peak energy ratio is <20%.
 Static baseline drift  ≤0.002ABS/30min(Cu)
 Weight  80kg
 Dimensions  500×450×430(mm)
 Grating number  1800 lines/mm
 D2 background subtraction method  The background subtraction power is ≥50 times, when the background signal is 1ABS.
 Power supply  220V AC

 Flame system

 Air-acetylene flame burner  ≤0.004ABS/30min(Cu)
 Ignition dynamic baseline drift  100mm
 Sensitivity concentration(Cu)  ≤0.025ug/ml/1% 
 Relative standard deviation (LOQ Cu≤0.004ug/ml)  ≤0.5%(Cu, absorbance >0.8ABS)

 Safety system

 It can automatically turn off the gas for the conditions of underpressure, power down, abnormal flameout, burner mismatching.

Graphite furnace system

 Working temperature  Room temperature ~3000
 Maximum heating speed  ≥2000/s
 Characteristic  Cd≤1pg, Cu≤10pg
 Relative standard deviation sensitivity  Cd≤3%, Cu≤3%
 Weight  60kg
 Dimensions  550×450×280(mm)
 Safety  Over-current protection
 Alarm for protecting insufficient gas pressure/automatically stopping heating.
 Alarm for cooling water discharge/automatically stopping heating.
 Power supply  220V AC
 Power 7000w
 Auto-injector  85 auto-injectors with standard curves, self-dilution function, and high precision of injecting.

GFTV Visual System 


1.1 The instrument has strong stability and long life.

It has table performance by adopted the perfect design of American Aglient.

1.2The functions is complete with the functions of flame atomization and graphite furnace atomization.

It can operates flame and graphite furnace atomization by the same system. The flame and graphite furnace do not need switching so that to avoid the complex working caused by switching and improve the analyzing efficiency.

1.3 The stable and reliable graphite furnace atomization system makes the temperature control more precise.

This instrument has the technique of high precision auto-injection and adds the 85 auto-injector. The temperature control is more precise by the PID technique.

1.4 The use of the flame sensor with high sensitivity avoids the interference from outside light.

1.5 It is the unique visual system of graphite furnace in domestic.

1.5.1 The unique visual system of graphite furnace can visually monitor the dynamic evolution of the injections during the drying, ashing and burning processes. It is convenient to observe the capillary injecting needle of the auto-injector entering into the best part and depth of the graphite furnace, and the position into the graphite furnace to confirm the analysis precision and the using life of the graphite furnace. Also, it is a perfect tool for train.

1.5.2 Cooperated with the video capture software, the CCD installed in the instrument monitors the inside conditions of the graphite furnace at real time. The capillary injecting needle and the platform can be displayed clearly to confirm to select the best part and parameters for injecting. This process is convenient for the users to operate and confirms the high reliability of the analysis.

1.6 High analyzing efficiency

The flexible online dilution system greatly reduce the analyzing operation process, so as to improve the detection efficiency.

1.7 Advanced and reliable safety protection system.

It can protect the users’ safety all-round and provides the safe and timely control for abnormal conditions, such as under pressure, gas leakage and flameout.

1.8 More comprehensive software functions.

It is added the hydride generator working software with the function of method store that the user can store and tune out the standard curve at any time to solve the analyzing time.

1.9 The shape design of the instrument is simple and convenient for operation.

Smaller than other instruments of the same type, the instrument dimensions is 700×550×440(mm),  which needs small lab area. It is convenient for the user to adjust the lifting platform with simple structure. 

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