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4520 Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

It is widely used for the analysis of metal elements in opaque materials for material science, life science, space technology and so on, while it can be used for the detection of trace metal elements in food, medical and nature environments.

It realizes the perfect combination of graphite furnace and automation. The graphite furnace and auto-injectors are combined into one module so that the problems of auto-injectors adjustment and light path correction in the switching process got a solution. This graphite furnace system has higher performance and efficient cost after hundreds of laboratory test.
It can be used with flame atomic absorption spectrometer, and analyze from high concentration of ppm grade to trace ppt grade. The non-switching of the atomizer greatly simplifies the operation.




Graphite furnace system

 Working temperature  Room temperature -3000℃
 Maximum heating speed  ≥3000℃/s
 Characteristic values  Cd≤1pg, Cu≤10pg
 Precision for Deviation to relative standard  Cd≤3%, Cu≤3%
 Weight  80kg
 Dimensions  700×550×440(mm)
 Safety  Over-current protection
 Alarm for protecting insufficient gas pressure/automatically stopping heating.
 Alarm for cooling water discharge/automatically stopping heating.
 Power supply  220V AC
 Power  6000w instant maximum power


1.1 Main features:

1.1.1 Six lamp holders and can realize multi-lamps preheating at the same time.

1.1.2 Maximum heating speed is 3000℃s

1.1.3 Small volume and automatic process control

1.1.4 45 or 85 auto-injectors

1.1.5 The graphite furnace working temperature is - 3000℃ of room temperature

1.1.6 Automatic absorption background subtraction and deuterium lamp background subtraction.


1.2 Gas control

It adopts tube inside and tube outside of gas to control, while the tube outside keeps ventilate and tube inside stops the gas during the atomic stage. So it can effectively protects the graphite furnace tube and maximizes it life and gets the high analysis sensitivity.


1.3 Security

1.3.1 Alarm for gas pressure insufficient and automatically stopping heating.

1.3.2 Alarm for cooling water insufficient and automatically stopping heating.

1.3.3 Alarm for overheating and automatically stopping heating.


1.4 Graphite furnace temperature controlling technology.

 The PID technology effectively overcomes the influence for temperature from voltage fluctuation so that each stage of the temperature control can be precised. The changing of outside power is no influence for the sensitivity and data stability, while the measured data has less error.

1.4.1 Dimension of 700×550×440(mm)

1.4.2 Perfect and high-precision injecting technique for graphite furnace.

1.4.3 The flexible online dilution system greatly reduce the analyzing operation and improve the analyzing efficiency.

1.4.4 The advanced and reliable safety protection system can protect the users all round.


1.5 Automatically control and quality control.

Even though you operate it for the first time, you can get the good conditions. The safety interlock system of the instrument continuously monitors the key parts in system, which contains gas burning and combustion, the flame burned or not, gas pressure, flow and many other conditions. If there is an insecure factor in any condition of the system, the flame will be extinguished automatically.

1.5.1 Power on auto-detection for the communication, wavelength, slit, lamp position and so on.

1.5.2 Automatically switching wavelength, slip dimensions and lamp position.

1.5.3 Controlling for flame combustion ratio.

1.5.4 Controlling for the heating program of the graphite furnace, automatic dilution and automatic curve configuration.

1.5.5 The quality controlling graph for protecting all the different statistical methods.

1.5.6 Various of methods for excessive concentration.


1.6 On-line help function

The 4520 spectrometer supplies expert all-round tips and help, which can support the spectrum features of all elements, the parameters and performance of flame, graphite furnace and hydride. It can also eliminates the interference and selects the matrix modifier and so on.


1.7 Extension function attachment

Graphite furnace controller

1.7.1The PID technology effectively overcomes the influence for temperature from voltage fluctuation so that each stage of the temperature control can be precised. The changing of outside power is no influence for the sensitivity and data stability, while the measured data has less error.

1.7.2It is convenient to be installed on the standard model for the flame atomic absorption and makes the flame and graphite furnace atomization operating on the same main engine.

1.7.3The double temperature control system of precision optical and voltage feedback can get the precise temperature less than ±10'C, not only for the low temperature in dry stage or the high temperature in ashing and atomizing stages. The heating range is from room temperature to 3000℃/sec.


1.8 The excellent large power heating technology has the analyzing sensitivity higher than normal programmed heating.

Graphite furnace auto-injecor

1.8.1 Using imported high-precision injector with the minimum injection of 1 ul and one time injection of 1 -99 ul for option.

1.8.2 Automatically deploying standard curve and diluting the high concentration injection.

1.8.3 Freely adding dosage of the matrix modifier.

1.8.4 45 or 85 injectors for option.


Hydride generator

It is mainly used for detecting part elements which can generate hydride, such as As, Be, Pb, Sb, In, Te, Sn. Anyway, it can detects the mercury vapor in cold atomic state.

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