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AFS1101 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer

AFS1101 with high-precision double-channel hydride generation adopts the designs of highly integrated circuit modularity, dynamic following denoising to improve the capacity of resisting disturbance and avoid stray light background interference. It designs the compact new mechanical structure and adopts the reference optical plane to make sure the atomizer center can better coincide with optical focus. The software operation is simple and fast, which has personalized interface and supports the functions of turning the date into graph at real time and graph playback. It adopts USB communication connection with windows XP, win7 and win8 systems for option. This instrument has been upgraded to support the analyzing detection of element forms 


Elements  As Se Pb Bi Sb Te Sn Hg Cd Zn


 LOQ (ug/L)  <0.01  <0.001  <1.0  <0.1
 Precision (RSD)  <1.0
 Linear range  More than three orders of magnitude


1.1 Double-channel detection simultaneously for the trace analysis of twelve elements , such as As, Sb, Bi, Hg, Zn, Cd, Au.

1.2 Adopted coded hollow cathode lamp technique that the software can automatically identify the type of hollow cathode lamp.

1.3 Adopted separating chemical reaction system that the hydride reaction is complete and average and the gas & water can be separated more better.

1.4 Power on self-test with setting lamp current, gas flow, gas circuit control, self-protection and alarm.

1.5 Adopted double shielded quartz atomizer with automatically igniting argon-hydrogen flame.

1.6 Adopted gas circuit automatic control of proportional valve to make sure the gas flow more stable.

1.7 Adopted the design of new analog digital separation circuit to effectively eliminate the interference between the double channels.

1.8 Adopted the automatic alarm for gas pressure at the critical point to prevent the flashback burst.

1.9 Adopted USB communication for automatic detection to connect with the atomic fluorescence system at real time.

1.10 Supporting the detecting methods of peak height and peak area integral.

1.11 Supporting the package and storage of detecting data for anytime use.

1.12 Personalized software interface with simple and fast operation.


AS-80 Auto-injector


AS-80 auto-injector used with the atomic fluorescence spectrometer realize the automatic smart injection steadily, quickly and accurately.

Configuring 120-positions injectors of 10ml.


1.Automatic zero resetting for the robot arm of the general auto-injector

2. Automatic identification for auto-injector when the software power on.

3. High precision XYZ 3D robot arm with the 3D locating deviations within 0.1mm.

4. 15×8 array, 120 injecting discs with standard tube of 10ml.

5. Large capacity loading chute and small hole cleaning position of low diffusion which can effectively eliminate the pollution for current-carrying caused by the residual from injecting needles.

6. The cleaning position zero resets at left with minimal degree of locating accumulation error.

7. X, Y axis move at the same time so that to shorten the locating time of auto-injector.

8. It has stable, fast and accurate operation, low noise and no injection drip.

9. It can be upgraded to install UV on-line digestion device



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