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GC6891N Gas Chromatography

GC6891N is a laboratory high-end GC of new generationwhich is produced according to the international standards. Based on the most advanced international technical area and application experience, its features, reliability and sensitive application are in the world high level.


 Column oven

Furnace dimensions

 28 x 30 x 18cm

Temperature controlling rang

 Higher than the room temperature of 5℃-450℃, liquid nitrogen cold trap: -80℃-400℃dry ice cold trap:-55℃ to 400℃

Temperature setting precision


 Max programmed heating speed


 The longest method run time

 999.99 min

 The highest step of program

 7 steps

 Programmed heating rate

 0.1-120℃/min(increment of 0.1℃)

 Column loss can be compensated (dual channel column)

 Heating area

 Six individual controlling heating areas (do not content furnace temperature control, two injectors, two detectors and two auxiliary heating areas ).
 The maximum using temperature in auxiliary heating areas  300℃



 Maximum using temperature  450℃
 Minimum LOD:  ≤2.5pgC/s[n-C16]
 Linear dynamic range  107±10%
 Data collection frequency  Max 100 Hz
 Adapted to packed columns and capillary columns


 Maximum using temperature  400℃
 Minimum LOD  400 pgC3H8/ml(He)
 Linear dynamic range 105±5%
 Data collection frequency  Max 100 Hz
 The design of monofilament TCD and micro-ECD, adapted to packed columns and capillary columns


 Maximum using temperature  250℃
 Minimum LOD  4 pg S/sec,1 pg P/sec
 Linear dynamic range  103S,>104P
 Optional  105gS/gC106gP/gC
 Adapted to packed columns and capillary columns


 Maximum using temperature 400℃
 Type of gas compensation detector  5% methane/argon/nitrogen
Minimum LOD  0.01 Pg/sec lindane
Linear dynamic range

5 x 105

 Data collection frequency  Maximum 100 Hz
 Radioactive source  12 mCi 63Ni
 Adapted to packed columns and capillary columns


 Maximum using temperature  450℃
 Minimum LOD  0.2 pg N/sec,<0.2 pg P/sec
 Minimum LOQ  3 pg C/sec
 Linear dynamic range  105 N105 P
 Adapted to packed columns and capillary columns



1.1 Injector flow, column carrier flow, detector gas flow are controlled by EPC.

1.1.1 Micro-channel gas integrated board

1.1.2 Imported micro-ratio and flow/pressure sensor

1.1.3 Temperature self-compensation to ensure the accurate flow, its pressure controlling can precise to 0.01Psi.

1.2 Industry-leading detector design.

1.2.1 All the detectors with high-precision electronic flow/pressure control.  

1.2.2 It can be matched with packed column and capillary column.

1.2.3 The amplified board after special ceramics treatment can keep stable in wet season.

1.3 It is safe and reliable with the functions of self-ignition and hydrogen leakage self-protection.

1.4 Accurate tracking design for furnace temperature.

1.5 Accurate programmed heating control for the furnace temperature.

1.5.1 Inside temperature controlling precision: <0.01

1.5.2 Temperature between inside points: ≤1℃

1.5.3 Quick heating and cooling, the max programmed heating speed: 120℃/min, balance time: 10 sec, cooling time: 300℃-50℃ for 6 minutes.

1.5.4 The temperature precision is absolutely controlledcompared with the real temperature, the difference is less than 0.3℃.

1.6 The achievement of gas circuit cutting technology 

1.6.1 Complex samples separation can be analyzed by multidimensional chromatograph.

1.6.2 It saves the analysis time and period by blowback function of the chromatograph column.

1.7 Chromatograph columns can be heated individually, and the using temperature can be set according to the different columns, so that make every column separately. 

1.8 GC6891N adopts the advanced power distribution management shunt. One 3000-watt UPS can provide stable working power for 10 sets of GC with the normal power of 2250w/set.

1.9 GC6891N adopts the imported valve configuration system, which can carry 8 valves (4-way valve, 6-way valve, 10-way valve or liquid sampling valve) to automatically control and operate by sequence.

1.10 GC6891N uses 8-digit auto-injectors (you can choose Agilent 7683/7693 liquid auto-injector). 


Auxiliary facilities for option

DK-400A: a new generation of automatic headspace injector. 


Application fields

GC6891N is widely used for the analysis of oil extraction and refining, petrochemical, fine chemical, food safety, environmental protection, electronic high-purity gas industry, scientific research institutes, QC, safety supervision, public security forensic and national security and so on.


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