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KJT-300 Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Air Generator

It’s making the three single machine function of Nitrogen generator, hydrogen generator and air generator together. Having more mature technology and three independent power supplies which can provide high purity Nitrogen, Hydrogen and cleaning air. Its adapted for all kinds of gas chromatography both here and abroad.Its adapted for the detection department of petroleum, chemical industry, coal, medicine, food, juice, wine, environmental protection, indoor environment, hygiene, inspection and quarantine, electric power, police and colleges.


Model   KJT-300 Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Air all in one generator 
Gas Specification    Output Maximum Gas Producing   Output Pressure
Purify Room Nitrogen Oxygen Content3 ppm 350 ml/min   0-0.4 MPa
Output Pressure Control Hydrogen Purity≥99.9996  350 ml/min  0.4 MPa
 Sizemm  Air  Four-Level Filter Cleaning  Air  3 L/min  0-0.4 MPa
 Purify Room Visible, Chip Changeable
Output Pressure Control  Nitrogen and Air: pressure reducing valve plus constant pressure valve
 Output Pressure Control Hydrogen: photoelectricity pressure control plus machine pressure control
 Sizemm  520×480×480(W*H*D)


1) Having the advantages of generator from KJN, KJH and KJA. It’s setting multi protection device, safety, reliable and convenient. 

KJN nitrogen part is using new multiple purify technology, which is improving purity and solving the problem of two gas in one bottle.

KJN hydrogen part is using high barrel tower type electrolytic separation cell, which can save liquid, produce hydrogen, and expel oxygen at the same time. Having wide proportion electrolytic separation, and with low temperature for cell and higher purity. Its the best substitute for the plate-type electrolytic separation.

KJA air part has the advantages of three-level purify, two-level voltage stabilization and multistage production.

2) Support flow rate display, pressure display, level backlight, lack of liquid protection, convenient air-out, automatic air-out, automatic dewatering.

3) Having more convenient man-machine interaction, elegant image design, can make heavy load continuous working and can have good user experience.

4) Mature technique, safety and easy to operate, low cost, high purity. Its a perfect substitute for cylinder.

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