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LC600A Gradient High Performance Liquid Chromatography

LC-600A gradient system with 2sets of P600 high-pressure constant-current pump and UV600 ultraviolet detector. Its can control numbers of P600 pumps, UV600 detectors, constant-temperature column ovens and so on. Using the WS600 workstation. Having the function of varied high-pressure elution and wavelength scan.



 LC-P600 High-pressure Pump

Flow Rate Range

0.001-9.999mL/min  in 0.001mL/min increments

 Pressure Range  Error≤0.5MPa0-42MPa
 Flow Rate Precision  RSD0.06%
 Pulsation  ≤0.1MpaFlow Rate 1ml/minPressure 5-10Mpa
 Qualitative Analysis  RSD6≤0.1%Naphthalene Methyl Alcohol Solvent
 Quantitative Repeatability  RSD6≤0.3%Naphthalene Methyl Alcohol Solvent
 Flow Rate Setting Error  Ss≤2%1mL/min water, 5-10MPa room temperature
 Air Tightness of Pump  Pressure 42MPa, time 10min, Pressure Drop0.5MPa
 Mixing Accuracy  ±1%
 Mixing Precision  ±0.2%
 Size  450mm x 300mm x 160mm(W*H*D)

 LC600-UV600 Detector

 Wavelength Range  190-680nm
 Flow Cell  8μL
 Spectrum Band Width  8nm
 Baseline noise  ≤±0.25 x 10-5AUEmpty Cell
 Wavelength Accuracy  ±1nm
 Baseline drift  ≤0.4 x 10-4AUEmpty Cell
 Wavelength Precision  <0.1nm
 Limit of Detection  3 x 10-9g/mLNaphthalene Methyl Alcohol Solvent
 Size  450mm x 300mm x 160mm(W*H*D)


Intelligent Microprocessor control, stable and reliable, precise control


1) LC-P600 High Pressure Constant Pump is a kind of intelligent microprocessor reciprocating plunger pump,with functions of high working pressure, low pulse, safe and stable,easy operation and so on. The mechanical components are designed by computer, the main spare parts are produced by the world’s advanced CNC machining center, so it has the characteristics of high precision, good sealing performance of pump, good interchangeability of parts and so on.

2) The plunger rod with floating guide structure, driving cam is made of high strength alloy steel. Adopting the microprocessor control the microstep drive circuit, making the driven pumps stepper motor running stably, low noise, wide range of speed adjustment. LC-600 high pressure constant pump pressure range is 0~42Mpa, the flow rate is from 0.001ml/min to 9.999ml/min. Meet the needs of conventional analysis to micro flow analysis.


Easy to set parameters

In the isocratic analysis of single pump, according to the mentioned words on the LCD screen of the instrument, through the 4 function keys to transform various operation modes.And can set the flow rate and pressure limits, continuous working time and pressure unit parameters conveniently.


Parallel double cone flow cell, reduce instrument noise and signal drift.


LC-UV600 Ultraviolet detector adopt parallel double cone flow cell, sample pool and reference pool is completely equal. The flow cell which is designed by cone hole, under the condition of the same volume, improves the light energy through the cell, significantly reduced the instrument static noise and signal drift.


More precisely optical system

The optical system adopts the precise positioning structure, so the precision is high and the offset is small. The deuterium lamp holder and the light path system adopt the heat isolation installation technology, which reduces the stability time of the instrument, and reduces the influence of the deuterium lamp heating on the optical path system.


Chemical analysispoison analysisenvironmental analysisprotein food detectionmedicine testingpolymer analysis.


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