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LC600B Gradient High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Intelligent full control liquid chromatogram system is a gradient analysis system, which consist of 2 sets P600c constant-current pumps, 1 set UV600 detector and 1 set SCL600C system control. The infusion pump use floating piston setting way, to enhance the stability and durability for the instrument. It’s easy to operate, has varies configure to be aimed at varies application analysis in different industry.


 LC600C High-Pressure Constant-Current Infusion Pump

 Infusion way

 Micro Volume Series Dual-Piston

Infusion Pressure


Flow Rate Erro  ≤0.5%
Flow Rate Range  0.001-9.999mL/minin 0.001mL/min Increments
Stability Error for the Flow Rate  ≤0.2%RSD
Gradient Error  ±1%0-100% Water /Acetone Solvent
Pressure Pulsation  <15PsiFlow Rate1mL/min, Pressure 600-1600Psi
Air Tightness  Pressure 5400PsiTime 10minPressure Drop<400Psi
Time Program Function  Have
Size  260mm x 130mm x 420mm(W*H*D)
Weight  11kg
 Operation Temperature  4-40℃

 SPD600C UV Detector

 Wavelength Range  190-700nm
 Wavelength Error  ≤1nm
 Wavelength Repeatability Error  ≤±0.1nm
 Dynamic Noise  ≤±0.75 x 10-5AUMethyl Alcohol1ml/min,254nm,20
 Static Noise  ≤±0.5 x 10-5AEmpty Cell, Response Time 1 second 20
 Dynamic Baseline Drift  ≤±1 x 10-4AU/hMethyl Alcohol1ml/min,254nm,20
 Static Baseline Drift  ≤0.5 x 10-4Empty Cell, Response Time 1second, 20
 Linear Range  ≥104
 Limit of Detection  ≤1 x 10-9g/mLNaphthalene Methyl Alcohol Solvent
 Qualitative Repeatability  RSD6≤0.1%
 Quantitative Repeatability  RSD6≤0.5%
 Spectrum Band Width  6nm
 Flow Cell Volume  8μL
 optical path  10mm
 Time Program Function  Have
 Size  260mm x 130mm x D420mm(W*H*D)
 Weight  11kg
 Operation Temperature  4-40


1) Hardware has VP function, can record maintenance information and operation which can meet the requirement for the GLP/GMP.

2) Humanized designed for the system control, which has the function of clock, thermometer, hygrometer and so on.

3) Multi software, can meet the requirements for different customers. Chromatogram data processing system is embedded in detector, has VI5890, N2000, N3000 for chosen.

4) Simple system for customer to skill for the software operation,

5) High performance. Using stronger Teflon gasket ring, floating piston setting way, to enhance the stability and durability for the instrument.

6) Detector use the imported deuterium lamp, light battery, dual-beam monochromator which consist of 1200 unit/mm concave raster,  precision processed double lens flow cell, high precision micro-processor for adjusting the wavelength, two-way high-speed sampling rate, to ensure low noise, low drift and high sensitivity.

7) Even mixing mixer. It has good repeatability for the baseline when using gradient program acquisition.

8) Elegant surface to meet the visual sight requirement for customer.


Application Area

scientific research, medicine detection, food detection, chemical analysis, environmental detection.


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