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Kejie CISILE 2017, We Step Forward
writer:Carina Li    views:322    updatetime:2017-05-10 01:41:36



CISILE 2017, the 15th China International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition lasted for three days and ended on the 8th afternoon.

Kejie with its branch Beijing Hintrely Instrument Co., Ltd., displayed the gas chromatography of GC6891N and GC5890N, the liquid chromatography of LC600A, 4520A automatic flame/graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer, DK300A headspace injector, WA2081(flame 4-position lamp) atomic absorption spectrophotometer, WA2081-Q(hydride flame generator)atomic absorption spectrophotometer and WA3081(flame-graphite furnace 6-position lamp) atomic absorption spectrophotometer, which were favored by customers.


                                                           Our manager was explaining to customers about the LC600A



                                       Our engineer was introducing our main products to the India and Middle East customers

So quite large-scale, professional, brand and international industry exhibition let us on the side of domestic equipment and emerging full of hope and expectations. As the brand analytical instruments manufacturer, we have harvested more and attracted a lot of foreign and domestic companies and factories to concern and interest to our products.


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