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Nanjing Kejie Analytical instruments co.,ltd’s national tour and overseas launching were held successfully in Nanjing
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The domestic well-know analysis instruments manufacturer, Nanjing Kejie analytical instruments Co.,ltd(Named ”Kejie” in below article) held the issue of new products and the overseas listing launch in Nanjing Dongjiao State Guest House.

The chairman of Kejie, Mr.Xia Chunya on behalf of the board of directors expressed good wishes on the convening of the meeting,Kejie is with 20years experience in analysis instruments in manufacturing,researching and developing. He hopes that through three to five years effort, Kejie can be a group with a overseas listed company and a domestic listed company, can be the top company in the analysis instruments field.


The founder of Kejie, Mr Yin Junrong specially introduced Nanjing Kejie Analytical co.,Ltd will be listed on the stock market in ASX in 2018. We will open 20 million original shares to the dealers, the dealers can join us in the way of joint venture, so that each dealer has the opportunity to become a shareholder of the enterprise.


Yuangong Zhao, Professor of Nanjing University of Science and Technology,  and the Quality Checking Director of Nanjing Kejie Analytical Instrument Co. Ltd. introduced the key products to the participants.

Gas Chromatography: Have network data communication system and remote control function. Can set different column’s using temperature separately in the multi column system, so as to achieve the best separation effect for the each column. Valve system can be most equipped with eight valves; 0 leaked purging technology.

Liquid Chromatography: full digital signal output which can avoid signal distortion caused by multiple digital to analog conversion. Membrane separation and nano micro extraction technology can detect the sample directly.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer: Good stability and complete functions. It has the function of flame atomization and graphite furnace atomization at the same time, and no mechanical switching. Having the leading graphite furnace visual system. Simple design and convenient operation.

Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer: Having the patent of automatic lighting for mercury lamp.

During the activity scene, we held a signing ceremony with Jiangsu Coastal Environment Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Zhanteng Investment Group successfully. 


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