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Present Situation of Information Technology in Food and Drug Detection System
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With a solid foundation of the network construction, sustained and stable development of the e-government system.  

With the continuous development of society, the State Food and Drug Administration has completed the system infrastructure, network and security projects and business broadband network construction under the trend of office automation, networking and electronic, so as to make the e-government network platform and open platform gradually formed and continue to improve. It is worth mentioning that the construction of e-government platform was built under the solid foundation of drug internal network, drug private network and government portal website.

Constantly deepening and expanding the business system. The State Food and Drug Administration and the provincial bureau and the relevant departments has built their own portal website, each sit is linked and independent of each other, forming a unified specification of the site group.

Drug regulatory, medical equipment, drug testing equipment, cosmetics reported, adverse reaction monitoring and other business systems are constantly deepening and applying in such a standardized and orderly group, and achieved remarkable results.  

This reflects that the dependence of the government, society and public for e-government is increasing. The level of automation of the office system has been continuously strengthened.         

In the past, the State Food and Drug Administration office system was mainly manpower to complete, needing to deal with a lot of data, the process was complex and lengthy, while the efficiency was relatively low. Because of the continues development of network technology, the office system is gradually transmitting to the automatic system, the efficiency of information collection, processing and integration has been significantly increased. Because of the convenient use of automatic system in the office system, the automation level has been increasing and deepening used for the State Food and Drug Administration.  


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