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Broad Prospects and Potential for Analytical Instruments
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At present, nearly 700 enterprises is working hard in laboratory analytical instrument industry, which contain the products of centrifuge, balance, thermal analysis instrument, power testing equipment, vacuum equipment and device, electrophoresis, casting test equipment, strain gauges, environmental testing equipment, geotechnical testing equipment, acoustic instrument and ceramic detecting instrument. The annual output value of these enterprises were nearly 7 billion RMB, in which a part of products has reached the international level, part of high-end instruments reached the international advanced level, entered Europe, Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia markets with the annual exported value nearly 1 billion RMB.

Our country pointed out in "Twelfth Five - Year Plan" that cultivate and develop strategic new industries is of great significance to promote the upgrading of industrial structure and speed up the transformation of economic development mode, we must break through a number of strategic emerging industries to support the development of key common technology as a priority for the development of science and technology.


1. The potential of laboratory instruments industry market: the annual demand of about 38 billion, with great market demand.

2. Opportunities for the autonomy of food safety instruments.

In the period of "Twelfth Five - Year Plan",our country has been focused on the building of food safety monitoring. 1) according to the relevant system and plan, the system of agriculture, quality supervision&inspection&quarantine, food and drug supervision and management, food and health have initially formed a four level of food safety inspection(monitoring)test system(nation, province, prefecture and county). 2)More than hundreds of thousands of food processing enterprises and testing agencies demand, constitute the strong and stable market demand for food safety testing instruments.

3. Opportunities for medical and health equipment. 

1)In the primary health care units should be equipped with 163 items of major medical instruments, about 68% of laboratory instruments, analytical instruments and optical instruments, of which about 50% of the laboratory branch of professional products. 2) There are nearly more than 20,000 primary health care needs to improve and equip with technical equipment, out government will invest 96billion RMB in three years for medical equipment procurement. 3) laboratory instruments industry should pay attention to the application of complete sets of instrument development, better customer service, improve the level of technical cooperation in the industry. 4) new technology and the special needs for the relevant areas provide a greater development space for the development of lab instrument industry. 5) with the development of science and technology and the establishment of high-tech industry, it provides strong technical support for laboratory instrument industry to develop high-end equipment, in order to achieve product upgrades and provide greater market and development space for laboratory instruments.

In the new historical stage, laboratory instruments need to increase the intensity of technological innovation, through the introduction of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced and independent innovation to achieve product upgrading, with efforts to explore the principle of the original innovation to accelerate the realization of digital instruments, intelligent and network.




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