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Scientific Analysis for Toxic Tunway
writer:Carina Li    views:325    updatetime:2017-05-10 01:40:30

Recently, the quality of school plastic runway aroused widespread concern in society once again , and in the evening of 22 this month, the Ministry of education response on how to deal with toxic runway and other hot issues. 



For the plastic runway problem, its the problem of waste plastics or the glue problem, we need scientific verification and interpretation
 According to GB/T 22517.6-2011, the schools runway material need fit the hazardous substances limitation.
a.benzene50 mg/kg, methylbenzene+dimethylbenzene50 mg/kg, TDI200 mg/kg.  b.lead90 mg/kgcadmium10 mg/kgchromium10 mg/kgmercury2 mg/kg.
We can use Kejie Groups instrument(GC5890N, DK-300A automatic injector, KJT-300/500)to analyza  the  toxic  runway.





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