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Large Variety of Mercury are in the Freckle Whitening Cream
writer:Carina Li    views:339    updatetime:2017-05-10 01:40:17

Recently, some people broke the news that she do the whitening in beauty salon , after less than six months, the face is white, but she has been grumpy, neurasthenia, stomach pain and other symptoms. After a hospital investigation, only to learn that the reason is serious excess of mercury in the body. According to the standard, the normal upper limit of urinary mercury in the human body is not more than 0.05mg/l generally , but the test report issued by the hospital has shown that the urine mercury content exceeded thousand times




Mercury is a naturally occurring element found in air, water and soil. Its a highly toxic non-essential element, which is found in all corners of the globe. Trace amounts of liquid mercury are generally non-toxic, but mercury vapor and mercury salts are highly toxic and can cause brain and liver damage after oral, inhalation, or touching. It can be accumulated in the body, and easy to be absorbed by the skin and the respiratory tract and the digestive tract.

Experts advise that we shouldnt pursue the so-called rapid whitening, freckle, it will result in mercury, lead and other heavy metal poisoning. The better the effect of whitening products, the higher the mercury content, must be careful to use whitening products. 


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