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he Development of Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer in China
writer:Carina Li    views:331    updatetime:2017-05-10 01:40:04

At present, the domestic atomic fluorescence spectrometer occupies nearly 90% of the domestic market, it’s the pride of domestic analysis instruments. In the aspect of instrument research and development, Chinese scientists have made a lot of achievements with independent intellectual property rights, many manufacturers and individuals invented a number of innovative patents and research results. 



Low temperature argon hydrogen flame automatic ignition device, water vapor removal device, light source device and deduction of drift and fluctuation online reducing agent foam eliminating device patent technology, made the instrument has the advantages of simple structure, long service life, enhance the stability of instrument, reducing the memory effect, enhance the practicability of the atomic fluorescence spectrometer.

The full spectrum of multi channel vapor generation atomic fluorescence spectrometer, combine the two kinds of dispersion and dispersion technology organically and extends the measurement range of the existing elements of hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometer, effectively improve the work efficiency.


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