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New Staff Training to Create a Full Quality Marketing Team
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A number of new members joined Kejie Group, who are the ‘fresh blood to the company's sales team.

In order to let the new members to be able to quickly familiar with the company's culture and enhance the understanding of the product. Kejie Group plan and arrange 3 days of training, the contents have the company's products types, principle and application, and knowledge of marketing, which taught by senior lecturer and group officials, to add motivation and confidence for new employees.

CEO Ying shared the company’s culture and explain how to better adapt to the environment of the company, and combine his own entrepreneurial experience and years of experience in sales, encouraged everyone to learn more, to enhance the self value.



Engineer Qi take everyone to the workshop, on-site display of gas chromatograhy, liquid chromatography structure principle, the combination of theory and practice make employee have more thorough understanding on the productes.


Engineer Zhang who is working is Beijing Hintrely Instrument Co, Ltd., describing the atomic absorption spectrometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer and other relevant oretical knowledge of the spectrum of products in detail.



After short and fulfilling 3 days training, new employees have a more comprehensive understanding to the company and the products , also full of confidence in the prospects of the group and individual occupation development, they will go to offices around the country, fighting together with the company, to create a leading brand of homebred analysis instrument.



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