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Congratulations to the Inspection Training Base Officially Launched for Kejie Group and Hunan Security College
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Feb 11th, 2017, Kejie group and the Hunan Security College build a school enterprise cooperation project - Inspection and training base officially launched.


                                                                                  CEO YingYunRong is on Trainning                                      

Practice is one of the main forms of practice teaching in Colleges and universities, it’s the key to carrying out the teaching plan and syllabus, it’s necessary to combine the implementation of professional knowledge and production. Through practice and training, students have a good grasp of industry occupation morality, necessary skills and preliminary technical experience, achieve the goal of higher education, improve the students' employment ability.


The whole course contents are gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, on the basis of the basic theory combined with the actual operation of the instrument of knowledge, carried out training. Students can theoretically clear the working principle of the instrument, and to understand the structure of instrument parts from the practical operation. This is where the "school enterprise cooperation" advantage.


                                                      Engineer Zhang is Introducing the Course Content


                                                      Engineer Zhang is Teaching the WA2081 Structure


                                                           Engineer Li is Teaching AFS Theory Course



                             Engineer Li is Teaching the Difference between Atomic Absorption Lamp and Atomic Fluorescence Lamp



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