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Good Habits For Using Chromatography
writer:Carina Li    views:413    updatetime:2017-05-10 01:38:18

1Operate according to the instrument manual.

When you get the instrument, do not only to check whether all the spare parts are complete, but also to check whether the manual is available. And keep these data. Before the independent operation of the instrument, be sure to read the manual carefully and operate strictly according to the procedures. This is the prerequisite of the analysis, and once the instrument is having problem, you can negotiate with the manufacturers. Especially in the warranty period, if because of the improper operation and failure or damage to the instrument, the manufacturer will not provide free maintenance.


2: Prepare a chromatographic column test sample

The performance of the column is the key to the analysis results, for the new column, firstly, we need to evaluate the performance of the test sample. If the test conditions which are provided by the manufacturer and the column test results unqualified, you can request a return or exchange. The more important is that the performance of chromatographic column will change in the using process, when the analysis result is not correct,you can use the test sample to test the column, and then compared the previous test results with the new results, which can help to confirm whether the problem is the column. And we can take corresponding measures to the solve the problem. The results of each test should be preserved, as the column life records. After using for a period, the column should do a high temperature aging, in order to move the pollutants in the column, and then use the test sample to evaluate the column.


3: Replace the capillary column gasket timely

Graphite gasket leakage is one of the most common faults in GC. Do not use the same seal in different column repeatedly. Even remove the seal in the same column to re-installation, its better to change a new seal. It will take longer time when you find the leaking and replace the seal after the installation of the column. Even if the old seal can be used, you need to tighten it, if do not operate well, the column will be broken.


4: Use the purified required gas

The carrier gas should be high grade, to avoid interference and pollution analysis of chromatographic column or detector. We need to know that the column price is 20 times more than a bottle of nitrogen or hydrogen. So its not a good choice to use the common gas as the carrier gas. The auxiliary gas for the detecor should use the high grade purify gas. Although the requirement is not high in sensitivity, we can use common gas, but it may pollute the detector.


5: Replace the gas purification filling regularly.

Color silica can estimate the performance according to the change of color, its not good to judge the molecular sieve purifier.So it should replace regularly, and its bet to replace 3months once. If silica gel and molecular sieve loaded together, it should be replaced when replacing the silica gel molecular sieve.


6: Use reliable pressure regulating valve

We cant control what valve to be installed in the instrument, but we should guarantee the quality of the pressure relief valve installed in the cylinder. There are some of the poor quality of the valve will leak. So it is a good habit to check leakage. If you do not pay attention to this problem, it may cause the waste of gas, and may also lead to security problem. Then it will be late.


7: Replace the inlet gasket regularly.

The inlet gasket leakage is another common fault for GC. It is better if the instrument has the function of automatic leak detection, but it can not guarantee the small leak. The instrument without automatic detection function will be dangerous.


8:Cleaning syringe timely

Clean syringes can avoid the interference of the memory effect of sample. We need do the clean when change the sample, the same sample which inject many times, we should also clean the syringes with the sample solution. When we do not use the syringes, we need to clean it. When we use the automatic injector, we should also clean and replace the syringes.


9:Check and clean the inlet liner regularly.

When the instrument used for a long time, we will find the tarry substance in the inner liner, which is not caused by the volatile components in the sample. We would do regularly check and clean. The liner filled with some quartz glass wool, can improve the efficiency of vaporization of the sample, and can prevent the septum debris into the column.


10: Keep the instrument using record

Its the resume of the instrument, should be recorded, including operators, samples and conditions, instrument working state and so on. Once the instrument has problem, it will be important to find out the reasons. The factories often have strict procedures, it will do some good.


11:Replace the spare parts step by step

When replace the instrument, do not replace a number of components one time, if replace in in one time, it will guide misjudgments for the failure causes. Should be replaced one by one, after test, then replace another one.


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