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Kojtech Holding Group Held a Press Conference with Three Companies for United States Listing
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Kojtech Holding Group Held a Press Conference with Three Companies for United States Listing


    On the afternoon of April 15, 2018, Nanjing Kojtech Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd. was successfully held the Press Conference in the Kunlun Jing An Hotel in Shanghai. Hundreds of Kojtech’ s clients and distributors from all over the country gathered here. Xia Chunya, Chairman of Kojtech, Yin Junrong, CEO & Founder of Kojtech, Chen Feng, Director of Kojtech, and Yang Junxiang, CEO of World Financial Holding Group attended the event.


                                                          Xia Chunya, Chairman of Kojtech

    Mr. Yin Junrong respectively signed on-site contracts with Mr. Liu Husu, General Manager of Shanghai Tianpu Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Haiyang, General Manager of Jiangsu Coastal Environmental Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Lu Wenchu, General Manager of Surwit Science Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., and reached a strategic cooperation.


                                                             Yin Junrong, CEO & Founder of Kojtech


                                                                                    Signing Ceremony


The main products of Kojtech Group include gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer and so on. 

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