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Improvement of Information Technology for Food and Medical Determination System
writer:Carina Li    views:391    updatetime:2017-05-10 01:42:04

The basic task of the food and medical detection informatization is to build a master of modern information technology, high-quality food and medical monitoring team, and then establish a unified national norms of information technology testing service system, which can fully develop and use food and medical regulatory information resources to improve food and medical monitoring efficiency and ensure the safety.




Improve the staff attention for for information technology  
To promote the development of information technology, talent is fundamental, these talents not only have professional knowledge and skills, rich work experience, but also have new technology attention and the attitude of innovation. So it is required to train the staff with the information technology.


Promote the information openness   

In order to meet the continues improving of people for information needs, the food and medical inspector must make a rigorous review for the published information, through the continuous improvement of the mechanism to solve the problem of information timeliness. Before publish the relevant data on the government portal website, it is required to master the information of each database and the collection mechanism to ensure the data from source, process and final release are correct exactly and establish a basic database to solve the information accuracy problem through standard construction.       


Improving the application system to achieve resource sharing  
In order to achieve the high-efficient and orderly operation for each department of food and medical determination, the application system integration and database resource sharing have got the attention of regulatory authorities at all levels. Application systems can release information on a shared platform, which can realize sign in, unified standard specification and interface style so as to achieve the resource sharing between systems.
Food and medical determination instrument and people's lives are closely related, so the application of modern information technology to enhance the efficiency and quality of food and medical determination system is very practical significance.

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