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Problems in the Information Technology of Food and Medicine Determination System
writer:Carina Li    views:373    updatetime:2017-05-10 01:41:51

Problems in the information technoloty of food and medicine determination system come from two aspects, one is staff attention in food and medicine departments for it is not deep, the other one relate to the knowledge and experience with responsible attitude of the staff. Also, there are some old staff conservative, unwilling to accept new things and still use the previous workflow. All of these problems cause a great waste for medicine determination instrument, the source of software and hardware, so that can not give full play to the advantages of information technology.




As the society continues to progress, people for the number and quality of information needs are also rising. As for the food and medicine determination which are related to human life safety, so people want to able to get accurate information timely.         

The situation of information source sharing needs to be improved.        A system to run efficiently, it needs to understand each other between departments. At this stage, the regulatory system between the various departments of the resource sharing link is still relatively weak, since each department has its own task, some information needs to be kept confidentialso each department in order to complete their own tasks rarely communicate with other departments or share resourcesresulting in the phenomenon of information island.

Due to different periods of external environment changes, resulting in various departments will be based on their own situation to make the appropriate adjustments. The results make the various systems can not communicate in time, resulting in the operation of the entire system obstaclesTherefore, the sharing of information resources in one system is very importantwe should pay attention to its development and  establish resource information sharing platform.


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